Ember Update 1

Hey, y'all! Sam here with another post about Ember. If you don't know who Ember is, go read my last article: Meet Ember.

So, I have a lot to tell y'all because, well, Ember and I have made a lot of progress! Of course, that progress wasn’t necessarily easy. In fact, it’s taken about five hours every morning.

I’ve been waking up at 6:00am, writing and getting ready for the day. Then by 7:00am, I go catch both Ellie and Ember. I’ll tie them up and give them each a half-hour groom. By that time, it’s 8:00am, and the sun’s threatening to warm everything up. I take Ember out for a lunge. When I first got her, Ember didn’t have the slightest clue how to lunge, so it was a bit of a hassle to teach her the art of running circles around a human, but she finally caught on. After Ember’s lunge, I tie her up and lunge Ellie. Then I leave them both tied to the Tree of Patience for about an hour. By the time that’s over, it’s about 10:30am. I usually spend the last half-hour desensitizing Ember, then we’re done. I release both the horses to their pastures and go back inside for some rest… or in this case, to write a blog post.

Ember’s desire to learn makes it a lot easier for me to train her. In fact, it wasn’t long until I was riding her around the yard! She takes a bit pretty well, she’ll let a tarp get thrown over her, and she’ll stand tied for hours at a time. I think my biggest struggle with her has been water. She hates being fly-sprayed, so I haven’t dared try to water her down with a hose. I hope to work on that next week.

Ember and Ellie get along well…. except when there’s food involved. I’ve fed them together, sitting out there to make sure nothing goes wrong. And get this! When Ember’s done, she pushes Ellie out of the way, munching Ellie’s food! I’ve gotta remind my horse not to be bossed around by a pony. Literally, y’all, Ellie’s like, 15-16 hands, and Ember’s like, 12-13 hands! That’s a big difference.

So, yeah. That’s the update. Comment below any questions YOU have about Ember (I'll probably answer them in the next post)! Sam out!

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