Ember Update 10

Hey, y’all! Sam here with another Ember Update. Can you believe it? The horse show is in eight days! I must admit, I’m pretty nervous. I keep worrying Ember will mess up during the show. Considering this is my first training competition, I don’t expect the place very high, anyway, but still... Ember and I have been working really hard on jumping. We’ve gotten to the point where I can lunge her and lead her over two moving-bins. She’s doing quite well for a pony. And I think jumping will be a valuable skill for her in the future. Along with jumping, Ember and I have been brushing up on our liberty work. She does really well here at home, but I don’t know if she’ll be the same in a closed arena surrounded by people. Not to mention this is the first horse I’ve ever tried liberty training on... Once, I read somewhere that if a horse doesn’t spook from an umbrella, they won’t spook from anything. So being the crazy girl I am, I decided to test that theory. Let me say, Ember did NOT like the umbrella, but after me slamming it open in her face for the umpteenth time, she finally calmed down. Seeing her afraid like that is hard for me, but facing fears is the only way to conquer them, right? I imagine Ember being adopted into a nice family and being loved by little kids. She’s a smaller horse, only 12h, so she’d be great for children. She’s extremely lovable and sweet. She’ll do anything for a pet behind the ears or between her eyes. And remember! You’re eligible to adopt her! Well, that’s all I have to report! Comment below whether you’ve ever jumped a horse! Sam out!

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