Ember Update 2

Hey, y’all! Sam here with the second Ember update. Don’t know who Ember is? Meet Ember.

So, I must admit: I haven’t been able to spend much time with this poor rescue pony due to summer vacation. But I did get a little training in… however, that training only revealed to me that Ember has reached “the point.”

“The point” is when the horse realizes their trainer means business, and that’s when they rebel. You see, horses are prey animals. Their instinct is to save up energy for when a predator comes, that way they’ll be able to escape without feeling tired. Domesticated horses have this same instinct, so when you tell them to work, they’ll probably want to save up that energy instead.

Ember is a smart pony. She’s a quick learner, and pretty easy to train. However, when she found out I would make her work whether she liked it or not, that’s when she decided she would take over. When I go out to catch her in the pasture, she no longer stands there and dips her head in the halter. Instead, she runs away, bucking and rearing when I get close. There’s a simple way to train them how to stay still (comment below if you’d like me to make a post on that technique), so that isn’t exactly what I’m worried about. Come to think of it, I’m not worried at all.

Every horse reaches “the point” at one time or another. Things will have to get worse in the training process before they get better. So if you’re trying to train a horse, remember that. If your horse was making really good progress in the beginning, but then all of the sudden, they started rebelling, it’s because they hit “the point.” Don’t worry! Just persevere. Continue working with them, never showing fear or second thoughts. Jump in with no regrets and don’t look back. That’s when you’ll start seeing progress.

Besides hitting “the point,” she’s been an excellent horse. I’ve been working on desensitizing her, which has gone quite well. As y’all know, we’ve gotten to the point where we can ride around the pasture together. While I have gotten her to where she’ll take a saddle and bridle, I haven’t tried riding her with tack. Y’all know me: I prefer bareback, anyway.

Over this next week, I’ll be showing Ember that she can buck all she wants, but I’ll never quit. She can run from me in the pasture, but I’ll never stop following her. She can yank away from me on the lunge line, leaving me with rope burn, but I’ll never let go. Sooner or later, she’ll learn that I won’t quit. Once that realization strikes her, the next part of her training will be a piece of cake.

That covers it. Y’all can look forward to a new Ember update every Friday until October, when her training’s finished and she’ll be adopted. Comment below on whether YOUR horse ever hit “the point!” Sam out!

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