Ember Update 9

Hey, y’all! Sam here with the ninth Ember Update. I can’t believe how much time has passed, and I can’t believe how much progress we’ve made.

This week was pretty uneventful. We worked some more on the basics (lunging, leading, etc), as those are the most important things for her to master. This weekend, however, things will change up... A lot. Me family and I have brought the horses to our old home — the place that started it all. After over a year And a year and half away from these wonderful lands, it’s almost as though a part of my past — a part of me — was ripped away, but now we’re back. Ellie immediately recognized the pastures, galloping about and nearly running me over in her excitement. She doesn’t usually get excited, either, as she’s an extremely calm horse.

While Ellie knows this place like the back of her hoof, Ember’s never been here before. She’s interacting well with the other four horses here. She’s also enjoying the loads of land. There are about 30 acres for the horses to graze and 10 acres set apart for us humans.

One of the greatest thing about this place is that there are so many awesome tools. For example, there are two round pens (one large and the other medium), several stalls, dozens of saddles and pads, a multitude of grooming supplies, etc. My family has been friends with the property owners for generations, so she’s totally cool with me making use of her equine supplies. This weekend is a total blessing, and I intend to make the most of it.

Where we live now, I don’t have access to a roundpen or barn. The lack of proper tools has really taken its toll on Ember and I, but it’s not my place to complain — after all, it’s a blessing to work with Ember, anyway. Today, I worked with her in the property’s medium roundpen, and from the way she reacted, it’s obvious she’s never been in one before. All of this is so new to her, and it’s so neat to see her different reactions.

I know this is an Ember Update, but I also need to talk a little bit about one of the horses on this property. Since the beginnning of this week, we’ve been coming here to help clean the place up, preparing it for our weekend stay. And since the beginning of this week, I’ve had barn duty. I’ve been working not only to muck out stalls and dust the large tackroom, but also to exercise and feed the horses. There’s one horse in particular that I’ve fallen in love with. Her name is Annie. She’s a former show horse, and while I don’t know who trained her, I certainly respect her past owner. Annie is probably the best horse I’ve ever worked with (don’t tell Ellie I said that). She’s got power in her turns, one click can send her into a lope, and lunging is like moving her with my mind instead of with a whip.

But there’s one problem with Annie. While she was a show horse, she hasn’t been properly prepared for competitions in a long while. She’s got marvelous breeding and great response to commands, but the time sitting in an open pasture has worn down her training. She doesn’t have a job anymore. She doesn’t have a purpose. A horse without a purpose might as well not exist. So that’s why I’m going to give sweet Annie a new purpose. She’s got such powerful turns and speed that I think she would make a terrific barrel horse. Because of Annie’s potential, I’ve decided I might volounteer here and work with her two to three time per week. I want to tap into that potential and make something of this equine — something more than a simple pasture pony.

So. I’ve told you of my plans, and now it’s time for me to go fulfill them. Comment below whether you have access to tools such as a round pen! Sam out!

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