Ember Update Finale

Hey, y’all! Sam here with the last blog post about Ember! Don’t know who Ember is? Meet Ember.

For those of you who hadn’t noticed, I didn't write a post last week. That’s the only Friday I’ve ever missed, but I didn’t “miss” it, I skipped it. You see, the horse show was on Saturday, and I found it useless to post the day before the big news.

Unfortunately, the show didn’t go near as well as planned. Ember, overwhelmed by the number of people and other horses, crow-hopped (a mild type of buck) in the middle of our lunge. We lost major points and ended up in 6th place. Even though this competition didn’t go as great as I’d hoped, I have high expectations for the next one.

I suppose 6th isn’t too bad for my first-ever training competition. But the goal wasn’t to place high, it was to find a forever home for sweet Ember. I had 60 days to train Em, and my opponents had 90. While we made loads of progress in those 60 days, people still don’t want a mixed-breed pony; especially one who’s technically unrideable (according to the competition rules, I’m not allowed to say that I actually rode Ember several times bareback and saddled. XD)

If there’s any chance that you’re looking for a sweet, redish-black, and more-whoa-than-go pony, she is available for adoption!

But if she doesn’t get adopted, I’ll only be keeping her for about two and a half more months. Then she’ll go to another foster home. As far as I know, she’s been to at least four foster homes before she came to us. It’s heartbreaking how she keeps getting tossed from place to place, and while I wish I could do something about it, I simply can’t. The property we currently live on can only support two horses, so if I were to adopt Ember, I wouldn’t be able to help any other problem-horses in the future.

Plus, Ember simply isn’t the kind of horse I could make use of. Don’t get me wrong, a horse’s job is to be loved, but they’re also to be worked. There’s no point in adopting a horse if you won’t use it, and I won’t use Ember. She’s short and slow, so she couldn’t barrel race or herd cattle. I feel like her purpose would be better for a young girl or boy who needs a horse to love. You see, I already have a horse to love--my Ellie. Ellie’s my best friend and partner through the toughest times, so when it comes to equine-based relationships, I have the best one I could ever need. If I were to get a second horse, it wouldn’t be for the relationship, it would be for work. For competition.

A fresh kiddo to share a relationship with Ember is what she needs. We can only hope she’ll one day find that person.

How about you? Comment below if you have that kind of relationship with an equine! Sam out!

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