Gentle Speed Giants

Hey, y'all! Sam herewith a blog post about our favorite gentle speed giants! These are the three words I would use to describe a horse. They're gentle, prey animals. They're crazy speedsters. And they're huge giants! Do y'all agree?

Somebody might be shocked at my word choice. "Gentle?" they might say. "Horses are the opposite of gentle! Do you know how many people have been injured, and killed, in accidents involving them?!" Yes, but do you know how many people have been killed in accidents involving dogs? Aprox. 25,000 Americans are killed by "man's best friend" A YEAR. About 4.5 million people are bitten by them a year. Um, okay. So, I just went to look up how many Americans get killed by horses each yr... It appears that Google cannot answer that. The point is that more people die from dogs and bees than they do from horses. As I said before, horses are prey animals and have no intention of ever hurting you.

Now, let's tackle the word "speed." It's a well known fact that horses are fast, but how fast? Well, the fastest breed of horse is, believe it or not, the American Quarter Horse. Not to brag or anything (I'm totally bragging), but I happen to own a Quarter horse. Want to guess their average top speed? 55 MPH... Depending, of course, on the horse itself. Some Quarter horses are faster, some are slower.

Giants. Horses are huge animals. Their size ranges from 820 to 2,200 pounds. Those are some really big beasts, but, as I said before, they are extremely gentle (With the exceptions being wild horses and abused horses). They have two modes: fight or flight. Just like people. Naturally, almost all horses will chose flight depending on the situation. And when they fly, they fly. Like I said, 55 MPH.

I think that about covers it. Comment below on which little fact about horses is YOUR favorite! Sam out!

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