Horsey Hair Care

Hey, y'all! Sam here with a blog post about hair care! Some of you are lucky, you've got equines with long, thick hair. Others are... not as lucky.

You might be trying so hard to get that mane and tail longer/thicker, but so far there hasn't been a difference. Well, if your horse doesn't have the right genes, it doesn't have the right genes. But here are five things you can do to help.

#1-Diet. Get you equine some high-quality feed and supplements. I recommend a salt and supplement block. It won't just help the horse's hair, it'll help the horse's overall health.

#2-Exercise. Just like diet, daily exercise will not only help your horse's hair but its overall health. Don't have the time to exercise your horse every day? Ask a sibling or a neighbor to help out. Also, comment below on whether or not you'd like me to make a post about different ways to exercise an equine.

#3-Conditioner. If you live in a dry place, then you might want to consider a conditioner. Similarly to human hair, horse hair will get dry and unhealthy. If you want a thick and hydrated mane and tail, you need to condition it. Most conditioners will work (even human ones), but I would suggest mane and tail conditioner.

#4-Brush. Some people out there will tell you never to brush your horse's hair. I highly disagree. If you don't brush, then it'll just get tangled and collect sticks, leaves and other things. Also, brushing out the mane and tail will help to spread the oil. Oil is extremely good for your horse's hair, which is why their bodies naturally produce it. BUT you have to be very careful when brushing. Use a very gentle brush. Start at the bottom and slowly work your way up. You don't want to yank the hair out!

#5-Blunt Cut. You need to go get your hair cut every now and then, right? Well, so does your horse. All those dead ends are unhealthy and they look that way. You should blunt cut that tail when it needs it. A thick tail looks far better than a whispy one! Now, as for the main, you may need to cut this (lightly) when it gets too long, but otherwise, I would leave it alone. I would blunt cut just before show season.

That about covers it. Comment below on what YOU do to help your equine's mane and tail! Sam out!

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