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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Hey, y'all! Sam here with a very different blog post than normal. Let me go ahead and jump right into it: I've been longing to train an equine (like, from scratch) for over a year now, but the opportunity has never presented itself... until just a few weeks ago.

For the past few months, we've been watching our local horse rescue center in Waco to see if the "perfect horse" popped up on their website. So when the rescue center came out with a training challenge, you can imagine how quick I was to jump on it.

Basically, they give you the horse and the funds to take care of the horse. Then you train the horse. Most, if not all, of the horses have been abused or badly neglected. The trainers' goal is to show their horse that not all humans are bad, then break them. Well, most of the trainers are supposed to break them. Because I'm not old enough yet, I'm not supposed to actually get on my horse's back (even though I'd be perfectly capable). By October 17th, you present your rescue horse at a show (in front of judges!), exhibiting everything you've taught them. There's a bit of prize money involved, and then the horses get adopted out.

I was paired up with a horse named Ember. Because she was recently weaned from her foal, I didn't get her until yesterday... even though the rest of the trainers got their horses on the first of July. She still has a bit of milk, but so far she isn't showing much anxiety over being separated from her baby.

Ember is young, assumed to be only 12 years old. She's short, too, only about 12h high. So far, she's pretty skittish around certain things. She leads well, but you have to catch her first. When it comes to catching her, I think she's more stubborn than she is scared, as she doesn't widen her eyes or show any other common signs of nervousness.

Other than leading, she doesn't know how to do much. I think the absolute first thing I'm going to work with her on is lunging. I have yet to see how she'll do around a horsewhip, so I think that's going to be one of the first things I'll introduce her to.

For the next couple months, my blog posts will be about Ember. I think it'll be good to update y'all on our progress and tell you what I've learned from this experience.

All right. That covers it. Comment below on whether YOU'VE ever rescued and/or trained a horse! Sam out! (Also, remember that if you have any questions about Ember and me, you can always use the contact form on the homepage of my website 😉)

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