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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hey y'all! Sam here with a bit about horses and their body parts.

One very important thing to know about horses is their body parts. The image below shows just a few of a horse's basic body parts. Memorize them! Not only will memorizing a horse's basic body parts make you a bit more knowledgeable, it'll make you sound more knowledgeable, too.

For example, your farrier comes over and gives your horse's hooves a good clipping. Afterwards, he comes to you and politely informs you that there's a scratch on your horse's pastern. He says that he's seen scratches like this before and if the scratch is not properly cared for it could get infected. You're standing there worried about your horse's health, but at the same time you're dumbfounded and one question lingers in you mind: What's a pastern?

Now take a good look at the image below.

Did you spot the pastern? It's that little part of leg right above a horse's hoof. Now imagine if you'd known where the pastern was beforehand. You would be able to quickly reply to your farrier's warning and treat your horse's wound.

See what I mean about being and sounding smarter? Your farrier would probably note the fact that you know where the pastern is.

You'll also feel a lot more confident in situations involving horses in general. And self-confidence is an important tool in almost everything.

Comment below on something else you think is important about having a horse's body parts memorized! Sam Out!

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