Quality Time

Hey, y'all! Sam here with a post about quality time with your equine! Are you swamped by things to do? Are you finding it harder and harder to spend time with your horse? I know I am.

Part of it is desire. How much do you want to be with your horse every day? If you kind of want to, but don't care too much, well, that's your problem. If you want something, you're willing to work for it. If you're just okay with having something, then you probably won't work very hard for it.

The first step in finding more time for your equine: Identify what you want most. Would you rather go have a spa day, or spend a day with your horse?

Step two: Start quality time by doing the essentials. You might not think that going out to the barn twice a day to feed your animals is considered "quality time" with your horse, but you’re very mistaken. Every single second you spend out with your horse is considered quality time. When you're out to give him a new salt block, that's considered quality time. When you're out to blanket him before nightfall, that's considered quality time. If you're boarding your horse somewhere else and you don't go out every day to feed him and take care of him, well, I'm sorry for you, then.

Step three: Learn how to turn those daily "horse-chores" into quality time. When you go out to feed him, make sure to give him a pat on the neck before you leave. Make that a habit. Do it every single day.

Step four: Attach horse-time to school-time. Have you ever gotten back from a long day of school and all you want to do is go to sleep? Instead of resting, push yourself to go out to your horse. Once you're out there, grooming him, tacking him, loving on him, I guarantee that you'll almost forget about how tired you were.

I see you people that skimmed through that last paragraph because you're homeschooled. I SEE YOU! Well, if you did skim through it, then go back right now and re-read it. Alright. Now. You're a homeschooler. How does this step apply to you? When you're done with a subject and you just need a break, instead of going to the tv, go out to your horse! This step is just as important if you're a homeschooler.

Step five: Make time. If you're really serious about spending quality time with your horse every day, then you need to make time every day. Instead of watching tv at 3pm every day, spend time with your horse. Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, go spending time with your horse. If you can find a specific time every day that you're free (or that you can free up), spend that time training your horse. When I started out, I was going down to the barn at about 2pm every single day to feed the horses. I'd halter my horse, Ellie, as soon as she was done eating, and take her to the round pen for a lunge. After a fifteen-minute lunge, I'd lead her a few laps around the round pen. Then I'd groom her and tack up. I'd end up spending two hours every day down at that barn with my horse. 2pm-4pm was my quality horse time. What's yours?

Alright, that's about all the steps. Comment below on how much time YOU spend with your horse every day, and whether this post has helped YOU look at quality horse time through a fresh perspective! Sam out!

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