The Best Time to Ride

Hey, y'all! Sam here bringing you a new post! Before we start, I have a ginormous announcement: My book, a MG/YA fantasy, just got released today! I can now officially call myself a published author! You can find out more information about my book, Links of the Two Worlds, on the about page of my website. And you can find some reviews here.

Now, to the horsey stuff. Have you ever wondered what the best time of day to ride is? I know I used to. The truth is, there's no real "best time" to ride. But there are times that're better than others.

One of the biggest determinants of those "better times" is the season, so let's tackle this by season.


Seeing as it's cold outside, the best time of day to ride would probably be when it's the warmest. Of course, if you live in someplace where it's always hot/warm (*coughs* Texas), then the hottest part of the day wouldn't be very ideal. You'd want to ride around the evenings when it's starting to cool off. The reason I say evenings and not mornings is that in the mornings, the sun hasn't had enough time to warm up the chilly night air. In the evenings, however, it's had plenty of time and it's starting to go down, letting the cooler night air come back.


This widely depends on where you live. If you live up North, it's probably still freezing cold. If you live down South (*coughs* me), then Spring is an unwelcomed sample of the blazing Summer heat. If you live somewhere in the middle, then the spring isn't hot or cold; it's just right. (I'm a bit jealous of you, whoever you are!) Let's tackle these different areas and temperatures one at a time, starting from North to South.

Spring (North):

You'd probably want to ride in the noon/afternoon so that the sun has enough time to warm up the cold night air and keep it warm. Even if you enjoy riding when it's super cold outside, I can almost guarantee that your horse doesn't.

Spring (in the middle): Y'all're the lucky ones in the case. The day is whatever you want it to be. You and your equine can ride whenever y’all feel like it! (I'm still pretty jealous of you, by the way.)

Spring (South): If you live in the hot Southern weather as I do, then the best time for you would probably be the late mornings/noon. That way, the sun hasn't had enough time to turn the area into an oven, but it has had enough time to get rid of any unwanted chill from the night before.

Summer: The season we're in now. Again, this depends on where you live, but for almost everyone, this is the season that makes you feel like you're in an oven. Even if you live up North, it's still pretty hot. So, for summer, the best time would probably be the morning. For those of you who live up North, probably the late morning/noonday. For those of you who live in the South, you need to get up early in the morning. Maybe you're not a morning person (this is me), but you need to get up before the sun has time to sufficiently bake everything. Even if you enjoy riding in the heat (you're a crazy person, if so), it's not good for your horse, as they just end up sweating off the work.

Fall: This one is exactly like Spring.

Notice that all of this has to do with temperature? Well, there's a reason for that. You see, when it's too cold, horses tend to get anxious/anxiouser than normal. This is because, in the Winter, they need to keep moving to stay warm. They'll be galloping across the pasture for no reason just because of this. Riding when your horse is anxious is a serious safety hazard. Don't think that you can deal with an anxious horse, especially if that horse "doesn't even get very anxious." I've been working with horses for years now, and I can guarantee you that it's better for both you and your horse not to ride in the cold.

All right. That covers it. A book release, and some advice on when to ride based on temperature. Comment below on what YOUR favorite season is and why! Sam out!

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