Trail Rides

Hey, y'all! Sam here talking a bit about trail rides. Now, in case you didn't know, a trail ride is just another one of the many, many things you can do on horseback. You tack up your horse, then ride him down a trail. Literally, the trail could be anything anywhere. You could be riding down a road, or in a valley, or by a river or in the forest. If you can name it, your horse can probably ride it.

Anyway, you might be wondering: “What's the point of trail riding? It's fun and all, but does it actually help the relationship between me and my horse?”

Yes! Yes, y'all, trail rides do help the relationship between you and your horse!

For one, it helps both you and your horse's mental and physical health. Think about it, what's better exercise than a good long ride? If you have a new horse, or you want to get your old one in better shape, a trail ride is one of the best ways to do so. They're typically pretty easy, so almost any horse can do them. With new and/or unbroken horses, there's no better way to get them used to you being on your back. So, if you have a weekend off and you just don't know what to do with your time, I highly recommend you go tack up your horse and ride a trail.

A trail ride can be anywhere from five minutes to five days long. I typically ride for about 3-5 hours when I can. Pack a lunch, tack up your horse, and enjoy the day. Bring a friend. Ride to your favorite place. Have a picnic. There are endless things you can do on a trail ride.

When you take a nice long walk in the park, don't you feel much more relaxed and focused afterward? That's almost exactly what a trail ride is for your horse. It's a nice long walk. It'll help your horse to be more focused on you. It'll help you and your horse to get used to each other.

That about sums it up. Comment below on whether or not you learned something new from this blog post! Sam out!

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