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Links of the Two Worlds: "This is a fantastic book!
Minniemons are two inches tall and have special powers to make plants grow. Upperlanders are probably normal human size and have special powers to curtail plant growth. The two peoples are at war with each other and usually the Upperlanders win.

Lindsay and Nathan are out to change this, but first they'll have to understand a whole new set of superpowers.

This is an excellently written book. The characters are distinct and lively, the pacing is perfect, leading to an exciting climax that leaves room for book 2 and more!

(I sure hope there are more!)
I am very impressed with the skill and discernment of Sam Hopper, to know how much to tell us readers and how much to hide for later. Suspense and trust, a delicate balance, are built through intricate details and fun events in the characters' lives.
Definitely a classic!"


-N.C. McCameron

Links of the Torn Ashes: "Book two of the Rise of the Royals series was just as good, if not better, than book one!

Once again, Samantha has put together a wonderful novel full of interesting characters and gripping plot points, and I definitely saw that she has grown and learnt a lot as a writer since the publication of her first novel.

Going back to this world, even after such a long time since I read Links of the Two Worlds, I felt like I was coming home to something warm and familiar. I felt instantly connected to Lindsay and Nathen, the main characters in this series, and I was thrilled to rush out on another adventure along with them.


This book was a nice quick read and only took me about an hour to get through, but the amount of story that Sam managed to squeeze into such a compact package was impressive. I’m definitely emotionally involved in this series and I look forward to joining Lindsay and Nathen on their future adventures."


-Chele Morel